MHCCFA Bargaining Chair Sara Williams’ Statement to the Press

4.28.2011  12:30 p.m.

Thank you for coming.

It is with regret that we invite you to hear our announcement today. The MHCCFA has sent notice to the College that the full time faculty will strike beginning on Thursday, May 12.

The Faculty Association has offered more financial concessions during this bargaining cycle that at any other time in our history. We have met the Board’s demands on medical contributions and the salary schedule. We continue to provide ideas to settle the remaining economic issues on the table.

In return for these significant economic concessions, the faculty have requested two improvements in contract language. The first guarantees that faculty work will be protected for faculty members by disallowing “subcontracting” to outside entities. MHCC is proud to have some of the best graduation and persistence rates for Community Colleges in this state. It is essential that we maintain our educational quality by ensuring the continued presence of full time faculty at this institution. Faculty provide face-to-face and distance learning instruction, serve as resource librarians, and provide much needed counseling services. This work should be provided by faculty members.

The second language improvement concerns faculty rights. Our proposal says simply that when the administration makes a decision, that they will get faculty input prior to the decision being made. Many decisions in a college effect instruction, and faculty are often the individuals most knowledgeable about instruction. Therefore, the Board should want faculty input into these decisions. To be clear, we are not questioning the administration’s right to make the decisions. We believe that our input into those decisions is critical to the health of the college and maintaining high academic standards.

The Board’s recent threats to permanently replace faculty demonstrates the apparent lack of respect the Board has for faculty. This fight is fundamentally about respect for the faculty’s work, the faculty’s voice, and the faculty’s input.

The Board’s stated plan to implement their final offer in June contributes to the faculty’s decision to announce a strike date today. We consider this statement a response to the Board’s lack of interest in negotiating a contract. The faculty simply cannot understand the Board’s refusal to protect the students, the faculty, and the institution by working and compromising to find a reasonable settlement.

We, the faculty, invest our careers, our time, and our passion in building and maintaining MHCC as a strong community college for East County residents. We reiterate our dedication to the College, our students, our careers, and our families in this difficult time.

We don’t want to strike, but we will.

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3 Responses to MHCCFA Bargaining Chair Sara Williams’ Statement to the Press

  1. Amanda says:

    Sarah I had you for both my math classes and I really admire you. You are a brilliant teacher and the reason I did so well. The reason I have done as well overall is because I have some amazing teachers. What makes a college is students and teachers. As a student, I want and need my teachers. I chose MHCC because of what I heard about the teachers and the programs. Without the teachers what is the point? SAVE OUR TEACHERS

  2. Randy McSorley says:

    I don’t want you to strike either, but if you do I will walk the line beside the people who make MHCC the best 2 yr. in the country.
    Lets get a fresh, sane, administration.
    I hope Ski doesn’t turn this into “Wounded Knee.”
    At this point nothing would surprise me!!!
    At his age you’d think he’d get rid of the stupid nickname, doesn’t he know he represents an institution of higher education, not Mt. Hood Meadows?

  3. FutureStudent says:

    The greatness of our nation is built upon the strong foundation laid by its educators. Thank you, MHCC faculty for standing up for great teachers everywhere. As an incoming student in a technical field I specifically chose MHCC because of the reputation, credentials, and rappoire with its faculty. Now I am having second thoughts. Too often teachers are asked to bear the brunt of economic hardship while the administration ignores or circumvents their input … and look out for dirty tricks- I speak from personal experience- The same administrators that publically close the doors to teachers use underhanded methods behind closed doors to try and accomplish what they will not do in the public eye.

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